asker Aw, wonderful. Glad you're doing so well. :)

Thanks. Have you followed my new twitter?: @trstnw

asker Completely forgot you had a tumblr because you hadn't blogged in a while ahh.

Yep! I’m back! :)

asker Yay, good for you! I miss your videos, but it seems like you're putting your time to better use. :)

Definitely. I am actually going to have a career when I come out of school. Really exciting prospects in my future.

asker Hey, I missed you on my dash! Glad you came back :) are you still going to wwu and all that?

Yes I am! Still doing my thing. I’m going to be here a while. Haha

asker I'm most glad to see you post some. I was afraid you'd never be back x Stoked to hear all the positive things in your life x

yeah, its been a really good time. lots of introspection and learning. feels good to be back though. i think i needed to get offline to figure out who i was. feels really good. now i know what i want.

08 Jan 13 at 9 pm
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asker How is life love?

Life has been amazing. Since I have been off tumblr I have had the best summer of my life, figured out my major, loved and been loved, made amazing friends, and began to piece together who I am.

08 Jan 13 at 8 pm
04 Apr 12 at 4 pm